We're A Little Different...

East Texas Life Properties is built a little differently. The company was designed to support our agents, professionally and personally. We believe people are most productive when they work in a positive environment. Our goal is to provide the education, structure, and support necessary for our agents to reach their highest potential. 

Work is a good, honorable, and necessary part of our lives. That said, it shouldn't take priority over the more important parts of life.

We are family people. We expect your families/communities to come first.

Work where you're most comfortable and productive. If that's at home, great! If you prefer the buzz of a coffee shop, go for it. Want a creative office environment? That's in the works! We want you to work where you're productive, not tie you to one option.  To make that possible, we offer cutting edge software and a cloud-based transaction management solution.

Whether you've been in the real estate industry for years and are looking for a change, or you're a brand new agent, we'd love to discuss how East Texas Life Properties can help you reach your fullest potential.

Micah Joseph


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